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Volunteers into work

Volunteer JobsIn 2014 we have had a really successful year working with our team of volunteers, organising training and additional support with Healthy Living Network @ BARCA. (HLN@BARCA) At the present time 3 of our Volunteers (Sandra, Bruce and Rachel) are on the Community Health Educators Course (CHES) run by HLN@BARCA and we have organised various sessions and activities over the year!

To top all this great news in November this year 3 of our volunteers have gone into employment – and another has just increased her working hours. That will be a total of 6 volunteers from New Wortley starting work this year! We don’t expect our volunteers to go into work, we appreciate that volunteering means many different things to each individual, but when we can help people build up their experience and support them as they move through life then it is great news when they manage to move into a paid role.

We want to wish our 3 volunteers well in their new roles. Scott (pictured) and Jack are starting at a local employer -TORQUE a local employer who will support young people from the area. If you are a young person and you want to work in logistics please get in touch with us as there may be opportunities.

Gary (pictured) has been unemployed for a number of years, but has been volunteering at New Wortley for the last 18 months. He applied for an internal vacancy at the community centre and got the role and will be working on the Our Place project. Well done Gary!

We have an amazing team of 25 volunteers at New Wortley doing a variety of roles. All we ask is that volunteers are prepared to commit some time and energy to the roles – we will help out by offering a supportive, encouraging environment and can offer additional specialist volunteer support and training as well.

If you know someone who wants to rebuild their lives or just get involved in a fantastic Community project please get them to get in touch.


Here at New Wortley we are members of Fareshare a subscription service that ensures we get a delivery of food every week, that would otherwise have gone to waste. Our policy is to sell the food at a cheap rate to cover the subscription costs or give it away free if it is on its use by/ sell by date. We also use some of the fareshare supplies in our cafe where relevant, which helps us keep our costs down for customers and makes best use of the supplies.

Our Fareshare delivery usually comes on a Wednesday and should be available to purchase later on that day. This week we have Ham worth ¬£2.50 per packet available for 50p and great fresh juice and healthy spread (all 50p!) we don’t know what will be delivered week to week so it is often a bit of a lucky dip but we get all sorts from suppliers as different as Waitrose and M&S.

In addition we do our own home made range including Beetroot and coleslaw (all at 50p) and our great homebakes (scones, flapjacks and cakes) In addition we are part of the WEST LEEDS foodbank network and we occaisionaly get deliveries of Bread and Milk which we distribute free of charge.
We will never turn anyone away if they are in need and make sure they have something to eat.
Pop in and see what we have today!


WP_20141028_009We had a fantastic Half term Halloween Party on the 28th October at the Community Centre. Thanks to all the partners who made this possible, Cate and Carla from LCC Youth Services, The New Wortley Tuesday Night Youth Group for sorting out Apple Bobbing!

Thanks to Sophie and Amanda from BARCA, to Kate and Nicole from Area Management, all at Castleton Primary School, all at the community centre and big thanks to Nicola and John from Groundworks for bringing all those pumpkins!

A big shout to Tim the DJ for the spooky tunes, Big Nigel, Ben, Gary,Tanya, Bruce, Karen, Sandra and all who helped.
If we have forgotten someone thank you too!

Great times were had by all the kids and parents too! Enjoy your Halloween!

Click here for our Halloween Photo Gallery

A fine day for a walk

Former Leeds West MP John Battle was out walking with our mens group on Friday 17th October – A route around armley via the waterways, which started at 9.30am finishing back at New Wortley Community Centre at Midday. A free lunch was available for those who took part!


JB walk


walking flyer

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Lord Ahmad visits New Wortley Community Centre

We were delighted to welcome Lord Ahmad the Communities Minister to New Wortley Community Centre on the 8th October. His visit was in recognition of our work on the Our Place programme and in building a committed partnership involving local health practices, the local primary school and other services.

IMG lord AhmadLord Ahmads visit (minister for communities) was to recognise our Our Place project and to confirm that we are one of 20 Our Place projects to receive ‘Breaking new Ground funding’

Thanks to Andrea Riley (acting Head) and Karen Briggs ( Family Support manager) from Castleton Primary school for coming over with some of the school children and discussing some of the New Wortley Issues.

Also pictured is John Barker from WEA who is partnering with New Wortley to deliver a wide range of pilot adult education initiatives – Lord Ahmad then met the confidence building group.

Lord Ahmad stayed for around an hour and heard from a variety of local people, volunteers, service users, children, Our place partners and Sophie from Locality as well. Bill Graham gave a full briefing on the New Wortley area and our project plus the key issues we are looking to get to grips with.