we made our way up to St Johns Hostel

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Kens BloggAfter meeting Tendai, one of the new support workers at the centre, we made our way up to St Johns Hostel to attend their residents meeting. I had taken Tendai with me so that she could get an insight in to how a hostel is run.

We then told them what we are about and how they could access our services that we have on offer. Many were surprised to learn what we did offer and they said that they would come along to the centre.

This took most of the morning and upon arriving back at the centre which again was full, we carried on with the work that we were doing yesterday. This meant that we were taking part in some of the activities that were happening as well as doing work for Team New Wortley.

The activities were getting back to normal and the numbers of people that are using the centre has risen day by day. Everybody is looking forward to when the new centre opens in the next few months.