A great local partnership

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On Wednesday 21st February Armley Hands (AHH) and New Wortley Community Association (NWCA) launched their new minibus which will be used to benefit the people of West Leeds.
The great pictures show Hazel Boutle (Chair of AHH) , Bryan Bloom (Chair NWCA) Right honorable John Battle (Trustee NWCA) and Gary Potter- Centre manager at New Wortley Community centre cutting the ribbon on the new bus with help from the family of the late chair of AHH Jean Johnson and late transport driver Tom (Kelvin) Mclean. Tom Mcleans granddaughter- Leona is seen cutting the ribbon with help from the trustees of both organisations.

The new bus is a very visible sign of how local charities can integrate services and work together to deliver better outcomes for the people they help. Community partnerships will result in more effective services and better value for money in the years ahead, and it’s great that forward looking organisations in West Leeds are taking this lead.

If you are interested in getting involved or volunteering in Armley please get in touch, we always have a need for drivers, Kitchen volunteers and people willing to make a difference to their lives and communities.