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Here at New Wortley we are members of Fareshare a subscription service that ensures we get a delivery of food every week, that would otherwise have gone to waste. Our policy is to sell the food at a cheap rate to cover the subscription costs or give it away free if it is on its use by/ sell by date. We also use some of the fareshare supplies in our cafe where relevant, which helps us keep our costs down for customers and makes best use of the supplies.

Our Fareshare delivery usually comes on a Wednesday and should be available to purchase later on that day. This week we have Ham worth £2.50 per packet available for 50p and great fresh juice and healthy spread (all 50p!) we don’t know what will be delivered week to week so it is often a bit of a lucky dip but we get all sorts from suppliers as different as Waitrose and M&S.

In addition we do our own home made range including Beetroot and coleslaw (all at 50p) and our great homebakes (scones, flapjacks and cakes) In addition we are part of the WEST LEEDS foodbank network and we occaisionaly get deliveries of Bread and Milk which we distribute free of charge.
We will never turn anyone away if they are in need and make sure they have something to eat.
Pop in and see what we have today!