Volunteers into work

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Volunteer JobsIn 2014 we have had a really successful year working with our team of volunteers, organising training and additional support with Healthy Living Network @ BARCA. (HLN@BARCA) At the present time 3 of our Volunteers (Sandra, Bruce and Rachel) are on the Community Health Educators Course (CHES) run by HLN@BARCA and we have organised various sessions and activities over the year!

To top all this great news in November this year 3 of our volunteers have gone into employment – and another has just increased her working hours. That will be a total of 6 volunteers from New Wortley starting work this year! We don’t expect our volunteers to go into work, we appreciate that volunteering means many different things to each individual, but when we can help people build up their experience and support them as they move through life then it is great news when they manage to move into a paid role.

We want to wish our 3 volunteers well in their new roles. Scott (pictured) and Jack are starting at a local employer -TORQUE a local employer who will support young people from the area. If you are a young person and you want to work in logistics please get in touch with us as there may be opportunities.

Gary (pictured) has been unemployed for a number of years, but has been volunteering at New Wortley for the last 18 months. He applied for an internal vacancy at the community centre and got the role and will be working on the Our Place project. Well done Gary!

We have an amazing team of 25 volunteers at New Wortley doing a variety of roles. All we ask is that volunteers are prepared to commit some time and energy to the roles – we will help out by offering a supportive, encouraging environment and can offer additional specialist volunteer support and training as well.

If you know someone who wants to rebuild their lives or just get involved in a fantastic Community project please get them to get in touch.